Experience Koprivshtitsa your way!


Cobblestone streets, old stone bridges, colorful houses with protruding balconies and the sound of sheep bells in the meadows nearby... Koprivshtitza is no doubt one of the most charming places in Bulgaria. This small mountain town is situated only a hundred kilometers from Sofia and Plovdiv - but also two or three centuries away.


Often called a museum-town, Koprivshtitsa has managed to preserve the atmosphere of the Bulgarian National Revival period of the 19th century like no other place. Many of Bulgaria′s greatest revolutionaries, writers and politicians were born here, and it is here that one of the biggest Bulgarian rebellions against the Ottoman rule began - the April Uprising.


Koprishtitsa is a must-see place for all lovers of history, but for the really curious travellers it can offer so much more than just ′a walk into the past′.



So give in to your curiosity, come ...
... to feel the smell of freshly mown hay and pine forests in summer or the taste of red wine in front of a toasty fireplace in December
... to see at least a small portion of the 380 old houses in the city
... if you′ve never collected wild strawberries at dawn or haven′t tasted the results of such activities -
strawberry jam with homemade yogurt (preferably with homemade mekitsas)  

... to taste sweet spring water poured from old stone fountains

... to see what luxury meant in 19th-century Koprivshtitsa: Lebanon cedar pillars and frescos of Venice and Rome on the facade of the Oslekov House
... to find yourself constantly sleepy, whether you′re 5 or 95 years old
... to taste the most delicious home fries and most satiating tripe soup
... if you haven′t seen people wearing wool sweaters in August
... if you want to understand why every five years this little mountain town manages to attract thousands of the best folk musicians, singers and enthusiasts from all over the country and the world with its three-day celebration of
Bulgarian folklore, called the Subor.

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